Out of Many (I’m from…)

I’m from church services on the radio Sunday mornings

I’m from the smell of rice and peas

I’m from trying to watch football but being sent to church in clean clothes

Shiny shoes and shiny face

I’m from climbing trees in the breeze, playing football, falling off climbing

Frames and grazed knees

I’m from Jamaicans – children of our island in the sun

I’m from being told off if I sounded too much like one

I’m from old school values and discipline

I’m from he who cannot hear must feel

I’m from looking forward to every meal

I’m from the world’s greatest Mum

I’m from the oldest who  had to set the example

I’m from the one who wanted to be something different

I’m from reading

I’m from Shakespeare and James Bond

I’m from Louise Bennnett and Charles Dickens

I’m from old school hip hop

I’m from reggae music inna one drop

I’m from classical music in assemblies

I’m from playing the guitar wanting to be a star

I’m from trying to get the girl I didn’t know what to do with

I’m from getting the girl I knew I should be with

I’m from a town I thought everywhere was like we did not let our differences

Set us apart

I’m from begging my Dad for lessons in how to drive

I’m from being a Dad and realising everything my Dad said was true

I’m from wishing he was still here so I could tell him now I get it

I’m from a successful battle with illness

I’m from meeting Muhammad Ali

I’m from being called Daddy

I’m from go ahead chase your dreams

I’m from leave a positive trail of where you’ve been

I’m from the many things I’ve seen

I’m from it’s not over yet, watch this space.



Pauline’s On The TV

A friend sent a text to me

Remember Pauline Pearce? She’s on TV

I said which side? He said you choose

She’s all over YouTube and the news

Intrigued I looked and looked

Amid the madness an image hooked

Me and many more

A lady with a stick stood up and swore

She was cajoling and yelling at the youth

They didn’t like what she said but it was the truth

I sat crossed leg as my jaw hit the floor

I kept on watching hungry for more

Next thing she was being interviewed

All over the place they wanted her views

She never sought to be the centre of attention

But everywhere it seemed The Hackney Heroine got a mention

Well I was intrigued that someone from my home

Had done something positive and all on her own

Gwaan Lady P you’re now an inspiration

To black white male and female in this nation

It’s great to see someone rail against stereotype

Making sure the media sees beyond the negative hype

So now she’s campaigning for justice and truth

A great example to our up and coming youth

But as usual there are haters who want to see her fall

Why? Unfortunately that happens to all

Who stand for something and answer their call

You keep on keeping on

Your support is strong your journey long

At least you can stand up and say

You did something positive

Gave what you have to give

Let the haters hate because that’s all they have nothing more

But Lady P I do implore

That you never cease

On your quest to increase the peace

But for me personally

I remember how you sang for my late  Dad so sweetly

I hope you reach heights that are giddy

And we’ll continue to fly t’ru city

And I’ll continue to say weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Every time I see you on the TV





All I needed was my man dem

Bu’n Mum, bu’n Dad, bu’n siblin’s too

Couldn’t walk without my man dem

I was nothing without my crew

Everyt’ing took bare of us from gal, to weed to drink

My crew would always take care of us, no need to work or think

People said they weren’t my real friends, but what they didn’t know me

Saying they would lead me into trouble

But mans was like my family

That’s what I thought

Until I got caught

Holding a knife

That had taken a life

But I didn’t do anything

The Feds weren’t listening

Caught in possession

Of a murder weapon

So I obeyed the rules which

Meant death to a snitch

I kept schtum

The Judge went ‘boom’

I was not wise

It was joint enterprise

Now I don’t hear from my man dem,

None, not one at all

I have the rest of my life to think about my man dem

Night after night alone in these prison walls.


Ode For Tomorrow

There is no tomorrow it has to be said

By the time you reach it, it’s already fled

The things you put off will not wait

Today is the only real calendar date

How many times have you deliberated?

Hesitated, waited and procrastinated?

This indecision has too often met

With heartbreak, misery, tears of regret

There is no tomorrow you listening to me?

By the time we get there it is history

Time is one thing you can’t beg steal or borrow

Didn’t I just tell you there is no tomorrow?

Today is permanent, make sure you look back on

Memories as rich and  precious as diamonds

Friendships are real on foundations built to last

Make today a part of your glorious past

Tomorrow is promised to none of us clearly

Make sure your loved ones know they’re loved dearly

If they’re part of your life say it from the heart

Don’t wait till your slowly singing ‘ How Great Thou Art’

Say I love you with words, with flowers, by text

By deeds, by actions, we don’t know who’s next Continue reading “Ode For Tomorrow”

My Kids Too

You use our children like pawns in a game

They’re humans with feelings have you no shame?

Acting like it’s about them when it’s all about you

Stop being so selfish, they’re my kids too

I make arrangements to see them only

To find you’ve changed your mind and informing me coldly

That something’s come up another time will have to do

What are you playing at? They’re my kids too

Is it because I’m with a new lady and that we’re happy

That I get put down as just a Baby Daddy?

I love my children and they love me too

Stop messing with our lives they’re my kids too

Oh yeah they’re mine when it comes to maintenance

Mine when it comes to paying pounds and pence

When they need clothes and shoes for school

I don’t begrudge them a thing it’s fine it’s cool

Funny when funds need paying you’re quick to

Suddenly remember they’re my kids too

We fell out of love and that’s a fact

That should not affect them or have an impact

On their feelings for me as I don’t bad mouth you

Because as their Mother respect is due

Only please tell them things about me that are true

Don’t fill their heads with lies they’re my kids too

Don’t let them grow up wondering why I’m not around

Their laughter is my favourite sound

Don’t be in a position where you will regret

Stopping them bonding and neglect

The missing piece of their family tree

To satisfy your insecurity

I am not your enemy I just have a right to

Be in their lives because they’re my kids too

A man to teach them wrong from right

Even if I can’t tuck them in at night

As long as they know I’m always there

They will have nothing to fear

One day it may be clear to you

We can give them a childhood of great value

Guidance through life’s avenues

All possible as long as you remember they’re my kids too.









(Not Just Another) Baby Mother

Where were you when our son was born?

In bed with someone else while I was pushing, bruised and torn

I was sore and alone while the tongues wagged

Another single Mum thrown away all that she had

You stopped by briefly to come see your yoot

A bundle of innocence, ignorant of the truth

His Mum and Dad not with each other

But I am not just another Baby Mother

You insisting on him having your last name

No thanks I’d rather not have that claim

I mean is that really all you have to give?

No time or money or a place to live

You say you’re my man while you sleep with another

Go away I am not just another Baby Mother

How dare you come knocking at my door?

All times of day and night and what for?

To see your child? No for sex

No, no, no, I’m not the next

Little boy you’re gonna discover

I’m not just another Baby Mother

I have taken hell from my parents

Left home because I’d rather pay rent

To someone I don’t know

Free from the torment of a million I told you sos

Even my Father and Mother

Consider me just another Baby Mother

So I worked as hard as I could

To give our son what he should

Expect from one who loves and lives for him

So he can grow up to be something

Nothing like his father

And know that his Mum is not just another Baby Mother.