The Wrong Song

If begging is wrong

If pleading is wrong

If resisting is wrong

If protesting is wrong

If raising a clenched fist is wrong

If wanting to overcome is wrong

If marching is wrong

If kneeling is wrong

If singing is wrong

If holding signs is wrong

Isn’t denigration wrong?

Isn’t subjugation wrong?

Isn’t humiliation wrong?

Isn’t annihilation wrong?

Isn’t degradation wrong?

Emasculation wrong?

Segregation wrong?

Discrimination wrong?

I’m sick of being told what’s wrong

We keep on singing

the same old song How long can

this go on?

Because freedom isn’t wrong

Justice isn’t wrong

Equality isn’t wrong

Humanity isn’t wrong

When we agree what’s right

We can agree what’s wrong



























You love our art

Our craft

Our food

Our ability to entertain and make you laugh

But you cannot love us?

You love our now fashionable lips

Our women’s bums

Our women’s lips

Our hairstyles and drinks we sip

Yet you cannot love us?

You love to call us cool

Without having the sense of a mule

We are play things – toys

Entertaining fools

Really? Is that what you think of us?

Our women? Exotic

Our men? Fetishised as erotic

Talk about myopic

Is trophy status

The only role for us?

Villains and ogres to run from

Hell bent on causing harm

Do you still not trust us?

Saying we speak well

Is meant to be complimentary

When we’re educated way past primary

Knowledge and articulation

Doesn’t mean we exist above or station

Is that not a right for us?

It’s been a long time since we were legally chattel

But it has not stopped the never ending battle

For freedom



Is it not overdue for us?

Quarantine Beard (After you Nate!)


What’s that?

More time I’m rocking a hat

Sometimes not shaving the head top

See some brothers growing their curly locks

My face is getting hairier

Somewhat scarier

The reflection in the mirror

Looks like another brother

But it’s me

A different face now

Can’t say I care now

About how I look

Before I’d be too shook

About rocking the salt and pepper face fuzz

But hear what cuz

There’s bigger fish to fry coz 

It’s not about the without

It’s about the within

How I am feeling

In my skin

I’m good

As long as you’re stood

The required distance

When I’m out

Unless we share DNA

Stay that way

So although it may seem weird

I don’t care

I’m growing out my quarantine beard.




























An Ordinary Night

In memory of Stephen Lawrence 13/09/74 – 22/04/93

Just an ordinary night

Waiting for a bus

After an average day 

Nothing unusual – no fuss

Surely one must be coming this way

Here come some ordinary boys

What did they just say?

This date will never be ordinary again

In no form, shape or way

A name which only his family knew

Will become all that is heard

A young life taken

Brutally murdered

A name now attached to prizes, buildings 

And charitable trusts

A constant reminder 

of how we must 

Purge the cancer of hatred

Though easier said than done

But we need to keep on trying 

Each of us – everyone

It could be me, your brother your son 

So tragically slain

And nothing will erase his family’s 

Eternal pain

God bless you Stephen Lawrence 

We will never forget your name.




If you can’t hear you must feel

Don’t want to listen to the appeal

To stay inside, stay indoors

You want to ignore


Squeezing out your last breath?

What are you superhuman?

You have the stuff not available for everyone?

Ok if you are I’m not

I’m just a man that’s got

A wife & family who I love unconditionally

Who I can only protect minimally

By doing what I can to keep them safe

From an unbeatable wraith

That’s come for our very hearts and souls

Young or old

It’s impact knows no bounds

Moving between continents not just countries or towns

And all we can do is follow basic hygiene

The very least of which is keeping your hands clean

But here you are out on the road again

With no real reason

And even when you’re in the shop

You fail to stop

And give the right space

Like you own the place

But you don’t

And I won’t let you invade mine

Because I don’t know when it will be my time

But I refuse to be the victim of a fool who

Was just






The Key (working title draft #1)

First world problems

Give us the (stupid) need to fret

about not going out

Not moving about

When we have the internet

We crave what we

had taken for granted

The view of the world suddenly slanted

Stay inside and just chill

Be still

Exercise for a bit

Otherwise just sit

Reading can be a new skill


We step back into the rat race

But, can we slow down the pace?

Now we know that the race is not for

the swift

And family and loved ones truly a gift

We keep in contact more than before

Now we’re unsure

When next we’ll meet

Which is how it should always have been

This new lens makes the unseen seen

Love has always been the answer – the key

Now we are in a state of dependency

In some quarters a conspiracy

But can’t you see?

The things we held high are not important

And material things rendered impotent

That bag, that car that must-have accessory

Is now not such the necessity

You thought it was

Simply because

All we have is what is needed

If all along we had just heeded

The words of our forefathers

Who rather than worship all that shined and glistened

Warned what would happen if no-one listened

Wants can always wait

When needs have to be met

As I said before take a breath and

don’t fret

Because there is nothing worse than regret

Love is the key and we would do well to remember

It’s not about you or me but us all together

The time is now for a lesson to be learned

And a right to beautiful life will be earned

Not all will take this on unfortunately

But I’m hoping it is the majority

For all our individual fragility

We are all tied in one position of equality

One unity

One humanity

Love is the key

Turn it

and let’s see…






Untitled #5

You can’t hear a thing because you’re not listening

You can’t feel a thing because you have no sense of feeling

You act as if blind because it’s easier than seeing

You prefer ignorance because you are scared of reading

You’d rather starve than take responsibility for feeding

Your heart

Your mind

Your soul

Nothing is important because you lost all sense of meaning

What happened?




I’m one of many standing on the outside

Looking in – wow what a view

It’s an interesting sight from this side

Just observing

The straight, distorted, the skewed

Sometimes I dip in

Sometimes I dip out

Opt to join in the madness

Jump in and scream and shout

I must say I prefer it on the outside

Not aloof but just cool in my lane

My business is mine no need to hide

Proud there’s no shame in my game

I listen I hear

I counsel if requested

I observe day and night

While staying sequestered

It’s like watching a chess match from outside

Watching and checking all the moves

The pieces just bump and collide

Moving like they have something to prove

The ups the downs

Are all part of life

The kings, the queens fall down

From breathing the poison of drama and strife

No one talks about you on the outside

Your business is not for all to see

There’s space to live and breath on the outside

Live your life be who you want to be

He said she said

Horse dead, cow fat

Life’s moving full speed ahead

No time for any of that

If being on the outside means staying away from the vagaries of others:





Then I’m happy to stay on the outside

This kid with the glasses who sees



And is free

Unlike many stuck on the inside

Realises every day can be like a dream

It’s far healthier being on the outside

After all the air is fresh and clean.




Why? (We didn’t know)

Everyone felt good in his presence

He was the very essence

Of Vitality

His smile would light up any dark corner

The life and soul of any party

-We didn’t know-

He loved his kids, his girlfriend

His parents, he even loved his job

He was the spark

The joy in everyone’s day

-We didn’t know-

He bought the drinks

Paid the bills

Lived for thrills

He had the skills

But still

-We didn’t know-

Many times we see on the outside

Bears no relation to what’s on the inside

Sometimes we hide

Through fear or is it pride?

-How could we know?-

Demons were chasing him

Racing him

Tracing him

Day after day

Way after way

-How could we know?-

Before he got out of bed

He battled them in his head

He yearned for peace

But instead grappled with dread

-How could he know?-

Were there ears available?

Join him around a table

He looked cool

Why wouldn’t he be?

He was the coolest wasn’t he?

-So now we know-

When he called we were busy

and would chat soon

When he texted we had stuff to do

We’d get round to it

He called we missed it

No biggie we will call back

When we’ve got a minute

-Now we know-

The darkness persisted

The demons insisted

He was going with them

Come what may

No one cares they’d say

They were right

He stopped, no more strength

left for the fight

-Now we know-

Then we heard the news

All shocked, surprised

and bemused

It must be a mistake we mused

All of us confused

-Now we know-

So the flowers came

The cards and kind words

From near and far

People we did not even know

Came with heads bowed in sorrow

-Now we know-

Make it a mission to listen

Speak only when requested

It is easy to make a difference

To make someone’s day

Not a big thing to say

‘How are you?’ and mean it

He who knows it feels it

It’s hard living solo

In your head, it doesn’t have to be so

Let’s not leave anyone behind

If you can be anything – be kind

No more excuses, no more we didn’t know.

#your (mental) health is your health x



























If you think it

You can sense it

If you can sense it

You can hold it

If you can hold it

Embrace it

If you can embrace it

Keep it

If you can keep it

Love it

If you love it

Nourish it

Cherish it

Then share it.