Untitled #5

You can’t hear a thing because you’re not listening

You can’t feel a thing because you have no sense of feeling

You act as if blind because it’s easier than seeing

You prefer ignorance because you are scared of reading

You’d rather starve than take responsibility for feeding

Your heart

Your mind

Your soul

Nothing is important because you lost all sense of meaning

What happened?





I’m one of many standing on the outside

Looking in – wow what a view

It’s an interesting sight from this side

Just observing

The straight, distorted, the skewed

Sometimes I dip in

Sometimes I dip out

Opt to join in the madness

Jump in and scream and shout

I must say I prefer it on the outside

Not aloof but just cool in my lane

My business is mine no need to hide

Proud there’s no shame in my game

I listen I hear

I counsel if requested

I observe day and night

While staying sequestered

It’s like watching a chess match from outside

Watching and checking all the moves

The pieces just bump and collide

Moving like they have something to prove

The ups the downs

Are all part of life

The kings, the queens fall down

From breathing the poison of drama and strife

No one talks about you on the outside

Your business is not for all to see

There’s space to live and breath on the outside

Live your life be who you want to be

He said she said

Horse dead, cow fat

Life’s moving full speed ahead

No time for any of that

If being on the outside means staying away from the vagaries of others:





Then I’m happy to stay on the outside

This kid with the glasses who sees



And is free

Unlike many stuck on the inside

Realises every day can be like a dream

It’s far healthier being on the outside

After all the air is fresh and clean.




Why? (We didn’t know)

Everyone felt good in his presence

He was the very essence

Of Vitality

His smile would light up any dark corner

The life and soul of any party

-We didn’t know-

He loved his kids, his girlfriend

His parents, he even loved his job

He was the spark

The joy in everyone’s day

-We didn’t know-

He bought the drinks

Paid the bills

Lived for thrills

He had the skills

But still

-We didn’t know-

Many times we see on the outside

Bears no relation to what’s on the inside

Sometimes we hide

Through fear or is it pride?

-How could we know?-

Demons were chasing him

Racing him

Tracing him

Day after day

Way after way

-How could we know?-

Before he got out of bed

He battled them in his head

He yearned for peace

But instead grappled with dread

-How could he know?-

Were there ears available?

Join him around a table

He looked cool

Why wouldn’t he be?

He was the coolest wasn’t he?

-So now we know-

When he called we were busy

and would chat soon

When he texted we had stuff to do

We’d get round to it

He called we missed it

No biggie we will call back

When we’ve got a minute

-Now we know-

The darkness persisted

The demons insisted

He was going with them

Come what may

No one cares they’d say

They were right

He stopped, no more strength

left for the fight

-Now we know-

Then we heard the news

All shocked, surprised

and bemused

It must be a mistake we mused

All of us confused

-Now we know-

So the flowers came

The cards and kind words

From near and far

People we did not even know

Came with heads bowed in sorrow

-Now we know-

Make it a mission to listen

Speak only when requested

It is easy to make a difference

To make someone’s day

Not a big thing to say

‘How are you?’ and mean it

He who knows it feels it

It’s hard living solo

In your head, it doesn’t have to be so

Let’s not leave anyone behind

If you can be anything – be kind

No more excuses, no more we didn’t know.

#your (mental) health is your health x



























If you think it

You can sense it

If you can sense it

You can hold it

If you can hold it

Embrace it

If you can embrace it

Keep it

If you can keep it

Love it

If you love it

Nourish it

Cherish it

Then share it.

The Kid With The Glasses

The kid with the glasses

while far from loud

was easily spotted

stood out from the crowd

The kid with the glasses

was a positive soul

loved laughing and playing

happiness was his goal

The kid with the glasses

took time to realise

why he did stand out


The kid with the glasses

was a popular kid

hanging with musos and sporty types

that’s just what he did

The kid with the glasses

liked to read and learn stuff

but his parents never thought

that he studied enough

The kid with the glasses

loved the idea

of being famous

maybe a music career

The kid with the glasses

knew that was not on

school was a must

get an education

The kid with the glasses

one day realised why

he did stand out

he was a special guy

The kid with the glasses

knew his colour was an issue

his Dad stand stand up

don’t let life miss you

The kid with the glasses

woke up and was proud

of who he was

and raised up from the crowd

The kid with the glasses

was introduced to isms

took on one or two

and rejected the rest of them

The kid with the glasses

had now found his voice

now just getting by

was no longer a choice

The kid with the glasses

was now a man

he became a father

and yes, a husband

The kid with the glasses

had a big itch to scratch

ideas formed like eggs

all desperate to hatch

The kid with the glasses

stopped hoping and dreaming

put pen to paper

and began planning and scheming

The kid with the glasses

is called Yaw, Yao or Ekow

he’s Thursday’s Child

and has far to go.





Untitled #3

Pick up a book

Take a look inside it

Pick up a book

See what you can find in it

History, mystery

Fantasy, reality

I can find out about you

And you can learn about me

Pick up a book

Feed up the cerebral

Pick up a book

Man is it so terrible?

Go investigate geography

Philosophy, sociology

Research who you are

And see what you can be

Pick up a book

Take off your blindfold

Pick up a book

Warm up before you’re cold

Anthropology, psychology

Biology, can’t you see

If knowledge is locked

Use reading as a key

It’s beyond absurd

To call someone a nerd

Who loves the written word

Not following the herd

Better to be spurred

On as a shepherd

Keep moving forward

And fly like a bird

Pick up a book

Ignite your passion

Pick up a book

Start a new fashion

For learning, growing

Exploring and knowing

Be wise not a fool

Actually, reading is cool.